Nicholas Chimienti
Bill has a keen eye for composing awesome sports photos. You can be sure to count on Anderson to always capture riveting photos of these events.
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Rosemarie Schrump(non-registered)
awesome pictures ... great football team!!!
Abner H Smith(non-registered)
Great Pics
sandy evans
Wow! Awesome pictures! Very impressive! You have a great eye and a lot of talent, Bill!
Peter Appelbaum(non-registered)
Nice looking site.
Mary Lou Hamilton(non-registered)
Great pictures Bill. Where is CD Baseball pictures?
Jany Benkovic(non-registered)
Bow to the Master!! Thank you, for freezing time so that we may hold on to our memories!!!
Cynthia Haskins(non-registered)
The pictures all look great... Thanks to the photo man.... Go Rams!
Bill's pictures are awesome.
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